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Paul Kohl: An Indian Holiday I was given the chance to travel in India for close to a month. India is a bracing experience: incredibly diverse and often shocking. This is the first book I did with Datz Press in Korea.


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Two Fish, Out of Water This is the second book with Datz Press but the work was done before any of the other books. It comes from the years I spent in Japan, while teaching in the university system there. Much of the work was done in Kobe, Osaka and Okayama-the Kansai region.

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Surface Damage; Images from the Portuguese Landscape As befits my itinerant lifestyle, each of the books were made in places I have been lucky enough to spend significant time. This book is the biggest of the series I have done with Datz Press. I am still in Portugal and could grow this work. I am also beginning to spend some time in Spain and other European places. More to come!


Famagusta: Images From and Ancient City
Michael J. K. Walsh and I did this book together. He is an art historian who has been working on rescuing some of the ruins in this medieval city situated in North Cyprus. The pictures are mine, the text is Michaels.



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