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This is a movie version of my book Two Fish, Out of Water that can be seen on youtube. It has a musical soundtrack, Japanese Shakuhachi.


I had an exhibition at the University of Victoria, on Vancouver Island. As part of that, I gave a public lecture. This is a filmed version of part of that lecture.




Susana Jesus and her husband, Nuno, made this film of me talking about my life and my work. It was made in conjunction with my exhibition Museu de Orienté in Lisbon. It is long but I love it.

imenrencelimernece cover image

Limerence is a boxed set of images that were made in Europe- Budapest, north Italy, and Barcelona. I had spent years in Asia before this summer in Europe and just loved it. Look up the meaning of the title and you will see how I felt- if the word is unfamiliar, that is. If interested, you can contact me directly to get a set of prints in a beautifully made portfolio box.

cork tree

I spent several days wandering with the men (and woman), as they harvested the bark from the cork trees in the Alentejo area of Portugal. Here is a PDF version of the images from that adventure.


bush hat


I was a medic and conscientious objector during the war in Vietnam. I didn't think too much about it after I returned, except for being grateful to have survived physically unscathed. Then, some years later, these poems began to bubble out of me.

young self

I continued writing after the Vietnam poems were done, trying to exorcise some of the demons that had begun to bedevil my life. I was also changing how I worked: teaching photography was destroying my love of the darkroom. This work is the result.



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