Paul Kohl





   January 2007 to 2015: Nanyang Technological University, Visiting Professor, Photography.

               Presenting both analog and digital photography, School of Art, Design and Media.


   April 1998 to 2007: Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare, Japan.

               Delivering E.S.L., T.O.E.F.L. and Writing for Nonnative Speakers,

               Web Page Design, Digital Photography, Digital Fine Art Printing.


   January, 1996 to '98: Temple University Japan.

               Presented a variety of courses including Photography, E.S.L. at all levels,

               T.O.E.F.L. Preparation, Desktop Publishing, Digital Imaging and Web Page Design.


   January, 1996 to September 1996: SIMUL Academy, Tokyo. Web Page Design.


   September 1985 to January 1995: Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore.

               Permanent Faculty member presenting analog and digital Photography courses.

               Departmental Chairman for last two years.

               Faculty Chairman for two years.

               Faculty Ombudsman for two years.

               "Excellence in Teaching," Trustee's Award.

               "Certificate of Merit," Trustee's award for work on the Faculty Handbook and in

Faculty Governance.


   September, 1983 to June, 1985, Purdue University.

               Graduate Assistantship.

               Full Scholarship.


   September,1980 to June, 1983, University of Missouri-St. Louis.

               Instructor in photography and media related areas including the

               History of Photography and Art and Technology.


  January,1976 to January, 1980 Intercom English Conversation School.

               Presented ESL classes at all levels.





               2003    "Mastering Epson Printers," Cone Editions, Vermont.

2001    "The Digital Fine Print," Maine Photography Workshop,

                           John Paul Caponigro.  

               2000    "Dreamweaver and Flash Workshop," Ojai Digital Arts          

                           Center, Ojai, CA.

               1993    "Structuring the Novel," Johns Hopkins University,     

                           Baltimore, MD.

               1993    "Teaching Digital Imaging," Center for Creative Imaging, Maine.

               1992    "Operating in HyperSpace," University of Baltimore.

               1985    Master Degree (MA). Purdue University. Lafayette, Indiana.

               1973    Bachelor's Degree (BFA), The San Francisco Institute. Early Graduation, a merit award.



               2014    Nanyang Technological University, Tier 0 research grant to investigate Photographic Printmaking (techniques and aesthetics).

               2013    Nanyang Technological University, research grant to investigate Photographic Printmaking (techniques and aesthetics).

               2012    Artist Residency, Centro Nacional de Cultura (National Cultural Center of Portugal), Lisbon, Portugal

               2011    Artist-in-Residence, Obras Center for the Arts, Portugal.

               2010    Artist-in-Residence, Hungarian Multi-cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary.

               2010    Black-only Inkjet Printing, Special Education Grant, NTU

               2008    Digital Creative Center Research Grant. NTU, “Analog/Digital Photographic Interface.”

               2006    Artist-in-Residence, Awagami Paper Factory, Tokushima, Japan 

               1999    Faculty Research Grant, Hardware purchase grant, Kawasaki University.

               1997    Takeshi Kaikou Award Finalist. The only writer in English so honored.

               1993 and 1994 Baltimore City Arts Council Grants for Photography.

               1992 and 1993 Maryland State Arts Council Grants for Poetry and Photography.

               1989    "Excellence in Teaching" Award, Maryland Institute.

               1976    National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artist Grant in Photogrpahy.





               2010                Master Printer, Singapore International Photography Festival.

               2009                Maser Printer, “TransportASIA”, Singapore Art Museum

               2008                Master Printer, Singapore International Photography Festival.

               1994-1996       Chairman, Photography Department. Maryland Institute.

               1992/1993      Dean of Students, Summer Appointment. Maryland Institute.

               1993-1994       Faculty Ombudsman. Elected Position.

  1991-1993       Chairman, Faculty Executive Council. Elected Position.




               2014    “An Interview and Hisstory”: A filmed interview and biographical conversation, (

               2014    “Photographic Printmaking, Techniques and Aesthetics”, workshop, ETIC- Escola Técnica de Imagem e ComunićĆo, Lisbon, Portugal.

               2012    “Analog to Digital Printing: Continuing the Aesthetic”, Museu Municipal de Estremoz, Portugal.

               2010    “Fine Art Printing: Analog to Digital”, Singapore International Photography Festival 3 day workshop

               2009    Panel Member, “TransportASIA”, Singapore Art Museum

               2009    National University of Singapore, “Digital Output, Fine Print Workflow.”

               2008    Epson Print Center, “Analog to Digital, a Fine Print Workflow,” workshop.

               2008    Singapore Art Museum,  “Paul Kohl: A Retrospective Look.”

               2007    University of Victoria, Lecture and Slide Presentation.

               2006    iDMAa (International Digital Media and Arts Association) Japanese Paper,

Digital Prints.

               2006    University of South Carolina, “Inkjet Printing on Japanese Papers;

A Workflow,” workshop.

               2001    Les Episodes, poetry reading, Paris, FR

               1993    Baltimore Museum of Art. Poetry Reading

               1992    University of Maryland, College Park. Poetry Reading

               1992    BAUhouse Gallery. Poetry Reading. Baltimore.

               1992    "Multi-Culturalism in the Classroom," Paper for the Society for Photographic Education.





               2016    22nd Tannan International Art Exhibition Catalog.

               2015    “Famagusta: Images from an Historical City”. Monograph, Datz Press.

               2014    “Surface Damage: Images from the Portuguese Landscape”. Monograph, Datz Press    

               2013    “Two Fish, Out of Water: Photographs from the Japanese Landscape”. Monograph, Datz Press

               2013    “An Indian Holiday: Wandering in Fertile Fields.” Monograph of photographs from India, Datz Press

               2012    “Now and Then”, exhibition catalogue, Museu Municipal de Estremoz. Print run sponsored by Leica/Portugal.

               2010    17th Tannan International Art Exhibition Catalog

               2009    “Pixel Prints: A History of Digital Photographic Printmaking”. Exhibition Catalogue.

               2009    “Two Fish, Out of Water,” Monograph (pub. 2009).

               2008    16th Tannan International Art Exhibition Catalog.

               2007    15th  International Tannan Art Festival

               2007    “New Art Now”, Okayama 2007 Exhibition Catalog.

               2006    "Intimate Conversations: Artists and Their Materials", Exhibition Catalogue.

Kurashiki Museum, Japan.

               2005    Kyoto Journal, Photographic Portfolio, "Two Fish, Out of Water", Fall Edition (#61).

               2000    Les Episodes, Poetry Anthology, Paris, FR.

               1999    Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare Journal, "CALL, A History."

               1995    AAAA (Forays), Short Story and Poetry

               1994    River Styx, Poetry and Photographs

               1984    Third Rail, Art and Literature Review, Tokyo Japan.

               1979    One Mind, Poetry and Art Review. Tokyo, Japan.

               1978    Camera Mainichi, Interview and Portfolio



(solo, selected)


               2017    “Paul Kohl and Izumi Ueda”, Palácio dos Marqueses da Praia e Monforte, Estremoz, Portugal (May/June).

               2016    “Paul Kohl, Mistérios Luminos”, Iris BookCafé and Gallery, Cincinnati, USA.

               2014    “Water Writing: Images from India and Japan”, Museu de Orienté, Lisbon, Portugal.

               2012    “Now and Then”, Beja Regional Museum / Rainha Dona Leonor Museum, Portugal.

               2012    “Now and Then”, Museu Municipal de Estremoz, Portugal.

               2012    “A SoCal Christmas”, CČmara Lenta, Lisbon, Portugal.

               2011    “Two Fish, Out of Water,” Leica Gallery, Raffles Hotel Arcade, Singapore.

               2010    Paul Kohl, “Asian Images”, Nanyang Technological University Library Gallery.

               2009    “Two Fish, Out of Water”, University of Victoria, Maltwood Art Gallery, Canada.

               2008    “Simple” Tan Kay Ngee Gallery, Singapore Japanese Landscapes on Japanese Paper

               2008    “Simplicity” Tan Kay Ngee Gallery, Singapore, American Color Landscapes.

               2006    "Two Fish, Out of Water", Gallery Punto Mar, Okayama, Japan.

               2006    Awagami Paper Factory Gallery, Tokushima, Japan

               2005    CASO (Contemporary Art Space Osaka) "West on East: American Color on Japanese Paper".

               2005    Art Box, Uno, Japan

               1992    Center for Creative Photography, Bombay, India.

               1991    Baltimore Museum of Art, Poetry Reading and Slide Presentation               

               1987    Signet Arts; St. Louis, Mo.

               1986    Notre Dame College; Baltimore, Md.

               1985    Lindenwood College; St. Louis, Mo.

               1985    East Lancing Community College, MI.

               1985    Ralph J. Bilke Gallery; Purdue University, Ind.

               1984    Florissant Valley Community College; St. Louis, Mo.

               1983    Kamp Gallery; St. Louis, Mo.

               1980    Gallery 210, University of Missouri-St. Louis.

               1977    The American Culture Center; Tokyo, Japan.


(group, selected)


               2016    22nd Tannan International Paper Arts Exhibition, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan.

               2015    “Beyond the Horizon”, School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

               2015    21st International Paper Arts Exhibition, Fukui Museum of Contemporary Art, Fukui, Japan.

               2015    21st  Tannan International Paper Arts Exhibition, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan.

               2014    20th Tannan International Paper Arts Exhibition, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan.

               2013    19th Tannan International Paper Arts Exhibition, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan.

               2012    A-La Photography Festival, “View From the Street” exhibition, Ningbo, China.

               2011    “Port of Call,” Faculty Exhibition, NTU/ADM, Singapore.

               2010    “Housing Memories:  Eclipse of a Hainan Tribe,” Asian Cultural Center, Singapore.

               2010    “Housing Memories:  Eclipse of a Hainan Tribe,” Singapore National Library,

               2010    18th Tannan International Art Exhibition. Traveling: Osaka, Kobe, Fukui Japan.

               2009    17th Tannan International Art Exhibition. Traveling: Osaka, Kobe, Fukui Japan.

               2008    Singapore International Photography Festival.

2008    16th Tannan International Art Exhibition,

CASO (Contemporary Art Space Osaka) and

                                       Echizen Cultural Center, Fukui, Japan

2007    “Embrace the Tiger”, Kurashiki City Art Museum.

2007    “New Art Now”, Okayama 2007, traveling:

                                       Tenjinyama Culture Center.

                                       Takahashi Historical Art Museum.

                                       Nagi Contemporary Museum of Art.

                        2007    “From the Real World,” Kurashiki Art Museum, Japan

               2007    "Peace Work", Tenshinyama Plaza Museum, Japan.

               2007    "Artists on Paper", International Invitational, CASO Gallery, Osaka.

               2007    NT:07 [Portraits], Super Space, Tokyo, Japan.

2007    15th International Tannan Art Festival (traveling):

                                       Echizen City Hall, Fukui

Gallery CASO/contemporary Art Space Osaka

               2006    Kurashiki Photo Mural Invitational, Kurashiki, Japan.

               2006    "Artists on Paper" International Invitational, Fukui Museum of Art, Japan.

               2006    "Artists on Paper," International Invitational, CASO Gallery, Osaka.

               2006    "Expression", International Invitational, Kurashiki Museum of Art.

               2006    "Soil" Art from Nature, Kurashiki Museum of Art

               2006    "Peace Work", Okayama, Japan.

               2005    "Photofusion 2005", Tokyo, Japan

               2005    "The Independents", CASO (Contemporary Art Space Osaka).

               2004    "Art Today", Museum of Hyogo, Japan.

               2003    "The River," Kakogawa Cultural Center, Japan.

               2003    "The Spiritual in Art," Tenri Museum, Japan.

               1994    "100 Years, The Maryland Institute...Then and Now."        

               1992    "Collateral Damage," Arlington Center For the Arts.

               1992    "Text and Image," BAUhouse Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

               1989    Eye Gallery, San Francisco, Ca. Benefit Invitational.

               1989    "Pressing Statements;" Tuttle Gallery, Baltimore, Md.

               1988    "Comment;" Nexus Gallery, Atlanta, Ga.

               1988    "Art in the Bell Tower," Baltimore, Md.

               1985    "Light Sensitive, VI," Thomas Art Center, Fl.

               1983    Detroit Center For the Creative Arts, MI.

               1982    "Portraits;" Invitational, St. Louis Museum of Art.

               1980    "Art on Paper;" Washington University, St. Louis, Mo.

               1980    "The Blues" Capricorn Asunder Gallery, S.F., CA.

               1976    "Invitational;" San Francisco Museum of Art.

1975    "New Directions in Photography," Fogg             Museum, Cambridge, Mass.

               1974    "New Bay Area Photography," De Young Museum, San Francisco, Ca.




   Museu Municipal de Estremoz, “Now and Then”, the complete exhibition, Portugal.

   University Sains Malaysia, Penang Malaysia

   San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA

   Fogg Museum. Boston, USA

   Tuttle Gallery, St. Louis MO, USA

   Awagami Paper Museum, Japan

   Mu Art Box, Japan

   Numerous Private Collections (International)   





   - PDFs stored on the university servers. Here you will find many PDF of the work I have been doing:

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   • Inkjet Printing Systems: ImagePrint RIP, StudioPrint Rip, Black Ink (K6, K7) Systems.

  • Film Scanners: Imacon, Nikon 9000, Epson Flatbeds, Wet Scanning, Software (Flexcolor, Viuscan, Silver Scan, Epson Scan).

• Black and White and Color Photography both Positive and Negative Systems. Digital and analog.

• The Zone System.

• Dye Transfer Printing.

  • Image and Text Manipulation in the Computer.

• Digital Fine Art Printing.

• Desktop Publishing.

• Wide Format Digital Printing; Epson wide format printers. Digital Printing Inks and Papers. Color Management.

• Web Page Design.

• Software: Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop CC, Dreamweaver, GIF Animation, Lightroom CC

• Issues in Computer Imaging, Photographic History, Contemporary Image Making.




• Aikido: Shodan (Black Belt).

   Kyudo (Japanese Archery).

• Tai Chi (Shin style).

•Japanese Language skills at intermediate conversational level.






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